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"As a parent of one of Ms. Arguello's first grade students and a frequent parent in her classroom, it has been a pleasure to watch her work. I have spoken to parents (an educated and critical group) about Ms. Arguello's teaching. They universally love her, notable in itself, but what strikes me is this: every one of them says she understands their particular child, the eccentricities, the strengths and weaknesses of their child. These children are all over the map in terms of behavior and ability, and she is able to reach every one of them. I couldn't have been happier with Ms. Arguello; she is a gift to any student, parent or school looking for quality."
- Sue, Oak Park mom 

My Path to The Learning League

Sandra Arguello

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My teaching career has been rich and diverse. I began my teaching experience as a second grade teacher at J.C. Orozco Academy in Chicago. This experience led me to explore the world of education. I was curious to learn more about effective ways to teach a second language in a classroom environment. My curiosity led me to Quito, Ecuador, where I visited an international school, Colegio Americano de Quito. My six week travel experience resulted in a five year living and teaching experience. This is also where my curiosity about teaching transformed into a life-long passion for teaching.  

At Colegio Americano I was a part of a spirited community of teachers from all over North America. We collaborated to develop a curriculum to best meet the needs of the students. Experimental learning was the focus of my practice at this school.  After five amazing years of teaching fifth and third grade, I returned home to further enrich my teaching career.  

Upon my return to the Chicago area, I was accepted into a rigorous master program, through The Academy of Urban School Leadership, or AUSL. I was part of a diverse and ambitious group of future educators who were eager to make a difference in public education. We were the first of many classes to graduate from this program where teachers are committed to teaching in under-performing schools. For a complete academic year, I was a resident teacher under the guidance of a master teacher while simultaneously earning my Masters in Education. I learned the power of reflection; where I constantly evaluated my practice and improved my teaching. I was able to create lessons that were creative and, at the same time, structured with a clearer view of the educational goals.  

Teaching third grade in the Chicago Public Schools also enhanced my experience as a well-rounded educator. The first five years after graduating AUSL were committed to working in under- performing schools. My training and experience in Chicago has prepared me to work effectively as an urban teacher in implementing differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of my students.  

I moved to Oak Park and worked in District 97 for four years. I taught first grade both at Longfellow and Mann. I am proud of the relationships I formed within this community. By getting to know families, I was able to understand the whole child and, as a result, help that child reach his/her full potential.  

I am very excited to build on this relationship by offering a community based education program
called The Learning League. The Learning League is an affordable community based education program that trains highly motivated and responsible high school students to become tutors. TLL believes that working with individual students is fundamental to learning. TLL believes that all students can succeed when effort and hard work are combined with the guidance of a positive, motivated, and highly trained instructor.  

TLL believes in a balanced education, the emphasis on the whole child, a strong community foundation and high expectations for each child. With my diverse experience in education and my commitment to students, I hope to make a significant and valuable contribution to the community of O.P.R.F. by training and mentoring high school students to become leaders in their community through tutoring our elementary and middle school children.