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  1. Parent/Guardian Approval
  2. Strong GPA
  3. 3 references; parent, teacher, you choose
  4. Able to commit to tutoring at least 4 hours a week

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Potential Coaches
We are NOT hiring for the school year 2020. Please check in January 2021.

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This is an amazing opportunity for the motivated high school student to become a leader in their community. At the The Learning League LLC in Oak Park, IL, not only will you receive a steady source of income but it is a way to connect and give back to your community. I believe that your age group is a valuable resource for teaching our younger kids. You can become a mentor to a child by sharing your learning experiences and helping that child discover their learning styles and potential. I am looking for kind, intelligent, dedicated, organized and creative students who can commit to working four sessions (hours) a week at least two days a week for  2 hour sessions each day. I expect each
interested applicant to be respectful, prompt and engaging. If you feel you meet these criteria, please send a letter of interest (see below) to Sandra Arguello at


  1. College Recommendations
  2. Unique aspect to college application
  3. Mentoring opportunity
  4. Competitive wages

Thank you for your interest in becoming a coach with The Learning League. You may now proceed with your letter of interest. In your comments you must include:

  1. A contact phone number
  2. A parent or guardian contact with a phone number
  3. Your current year in school
  4. Your area of strength- Why would you be a good coach? (2-3 sentences)
  5. Your availability; date you are available to start, days of the week you are available and the time frame within those days.
  6. If you are contacted:
    1.   be prepared to give three references (at least one from a former or present teacher.)
    2.   you will need to volunteer between 1-3 hours of tutoring before you begin

Email your information to: