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Andi is awesome, fun, hard-working and helpful. I think I've improved on my reading, but my math skills mostly. I like it when we do our math packet and we get to color with colored pencils and crayons to help me think. When we do reading, she has really helped me. When there's a word that I get stuck on, she helps me sound out the word. In the past it wasn't easy me, but Andi has helped me with my math and reading and now I am better at both of those things.”
-Vivian, 9 yrs

“My children loved being tutored by Ms. Arguello and looked forward to it every time! I never once had to push them to get ready to go to the tutoring sessions since they enjoyed working with her so much. Along the way they really progressed through their lessons and benefited from her skillful approach in working with children.” - Margaret, Mann School mother of two

Older boy and younger boy||||

    Fall/Winter 2019 Term Calendar:

    August 15th ENROLLMENT

    Start Date: Tuesday, September 3rd
    End Date: Sunday, December 22nd

    OCTOBER  ENROLLMENT- 7 sessions

    October 16th-23rd

    Start Date: Monday, November 4th
    End Date: Sunday, December 22nd


    Winter/Spring 2020 Term Calendar :


    Start Date: Monday, January 6th

    End Date: TBD