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Pricing for 1:1 Sessions: $37-$40

Pricing for Summer

TLL 1:1 Tutoring Sessions

1:1 Sessions are available 9:00 am -6:00 pm Monday-Thursday. There is a 10 session minimum sign up for $370 and a summer registration fee of $25- if your family is not a current client at TLL. If your child would like an accompanying homework workbook, additional cost will apply.


Cost varies according to how many courses your child is signed up for

Weeks- dates found on
to the right !

One Week Only


Second Week


3rd, 4th, and 5th Week


All 6 Weeks


MiddleSchool Math

    $20 per hour

Before and after care

Every additional ½ hour will be an added $10.

Child can be dropped off as early as 8:00 am and picked up no later than 6:00 pm.

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Recommendations for planning your child's learning course

In order to determine the best plan of action for your child, please schedule a meeting with Sandra Arguello.

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Summer Registration

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The Learning League, LLC in Oak Park, IL has Tutoring Programs lined up for the 2017 Summer Term. If you are looking for a 1 or 2 week math, writing  or reading course for your child or prefer one-to-one sessions by our exceptional high school coaches, we encourage you to register with us as soon as possible. We have limited availability of seats.

The Learning League offers 1:1 Tutoring all Summer Long!

June 12th- August 10th
Monday - Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm
No Sessions week of July 3rd

Know your Facts!

 "To succeed in school and life, children and young adults need ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential skills. This is especially true during the summer months"

Did you know?

  1. All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.

  2. Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months.

Summer Get Ready Programs

Keep your children learning and inspired all summer long!

The Learning League will continue to have flexible individualized one on one summer sessions for your child(ren) this Summer Term. However, this summer term we are adding courses in math, reading, writing and Spanish. To ensure a small group focus, the courses will have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 8 students. Your child is guaranteed to be placed in a small group that will enhance their learning experience.

We have just added an Early Literacy Course for kiddos entering First and Second Grade taught by an an early literacy reading specialist, Lisa Stukel! Scroll Below for details.

One on One Tutoring

Lesson plans developed to meet your child's individual needs!

Dates: June 12th- August 10th
**NO sessions week of July 3rd


Monday/ Wednesday:  9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Tuesday/Thursday: 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm

To accommodate vacations and your scheduling needs, there is a minimum sign up of 10 sessions .

Choose the days and times that work best for you and your family. Let us know what days you are available and we will do the rest!
(see left sidebar for more information including cost)

Courses- scroll below for course descriptions

We will offer Book Clubs to support reading comprehension, Math courses to strengthen skills and teach problem solving strategies, and Writer’s Workshop to practice structure, focus and creativity. The courses will be broken down by grade and/or skill level. Spanish will be offered to middle school kiddos instead of math. We do offer a middle school math program- see below for ALL course descriptions.

Dates and Courses-
  • Week of July 10th: Book Club

  • Week of  July 17th: Math *Note: Middle School kiddos will have Spanish Camp during this time period

  • Week of July 24th: Writer’s Workshop

  • July 31st- August 3rd: Middle School/Freshman Math- Group work, support with School Math Packets.

Learning League Class Only Schedule

9:30-11:30- 2nd/3rd grade sessions

10:00-12:00 middle school sessions

12:30-2:30 4th/5th grade session

Course Descriptions:

 Summer Courses in Math, Reading, Writing and Spanish for middle school students

small group instruction to ensure quality learning
Monday - Thursday

Our programs are filling up fast, please see below for course calendar.

Book Clubs- Reading: Week of July 10th

This course will be in a book club format for all grades.  It is a wonderful opportunity for kiddos to really dig deep into a book with their peers, under the guide of an instructor.  Though each grade will be differentiated according to grade level standards, we will discuss theme, plot, character development, vocabulary, make connections and add an element of writing response.

In order to finish the book, students will be required to do some reading at home. During the class, students will read independently, be read aloud to (the amount of this depends on grade level) and, if they choose, partner read. If your second or third grader is not quite reading independently, the instructor will hold a read aloud session for all kiddos who rather listen than read. This club focuses on comprehension and critical thinking - not phonics and decoding. It is fine for parents to read at home with kiddos. Again, we prefer children to participate deeply in discussions and not concern themselves too much with decoding.

Instructors will guide students to stop, think and share at appropriate times throughout text and small activities may be added to enhance student understanding.

Books will be chosen thorough recommendations of grade level teachers and Book lists from Great Schools and Good Reads.

Math (grades 2-5)/ Spanish (grades 7-9 in fall)

Week of  July 17th


These courses can be taught to students who are either ready to jump into their next grades math or those who might need review in their current grade to build a stronger math foundation.

In both of the weeks that this course is taught, we will cover all strands as a math review. This is perfect for kiddos who want to solidify what they have just learned in their school year or for students who want the extra push for next year. Lessons will be taught in a problem solving format.

Conversation Spanish

This class will have a couple of days of activities involving music and cooking followed by days to plan and prepare for a creative presentation. It will be a course base d on conversation that will also be rich in Latino culture, and skills such as  sentence formation and vocabulary development.


Week of July 24th

The style of this course will be taught in Writer’s Workshop. Topics that will be covered reflect the most up to date National Standards.  Though each grade will be differentiated according to grade level standards, all courses will follow the writer’s workshop model.

These courses can be taught to students who are ready for writing in this up and coming grade (who have a solid foundation of writing in their current grade) or students who just graduated from their current grade and could use a little boost with their writing. Not sure? Ask their current teacher!  Writing easily differentiates itself. We will make sure your child is being challenged and/or receives the support they need wherever they are in their writing process.

Writer’s Workshop Model:

Mini Lesson: An explanation of the writing topic

Group or Partner Discussion: Students share ideas with each other

Brainstorm: Students work individually to write out their ideas down

Writing: Students will be given time to write. Instructor will work with individual students as students create their work!

Share: Students can share their writing to the class or with a classmate

(Sharing, Writing, Revising and Editing will be a continuous process)

Second/Third Grade

Third/Fourth Grade

Fourth/Fifth Grade

Middle School/kids currently in middle school who will be in grades 7-9

Writing Paragraphs

Writing  Your Opinion

Writing  Explanatory Texts

Writing Narrative Texts

Opinion Pieces

Conveying an Idea

Writing a Story


Opinion Pieces

Informative/Explanatory Texts

Argument Writing

Informational Writing

Narrative Writing

Considering Audience and Purpose

Revising and Editing

Credible Sources

Drawing Evidence to Support Analysis

Middle School Programs Math

July 31st- August 3rd

This course is set up where a few tutors will help students understand and complete their math packets before the school year. In order for your child to participate in this course they should come prepared with a math packet from their school. Please note- this is not 1:1 tutoring. If your child is not at their grade level math, then we suggest signing up for 1:1 tutoring to help build their math foundation.

If your child does not have a math packet and would like to participate in this course, then we can order a book for your child  to work through. An extra material fee will apply.

Dates/Times: This course runs Monday July 31- Thursday, August 3rd from 10:00-12:00. One hour minimum a day is required though your child can start and stop at anytime during that time frame.

Cost: The minimum cost is $80 and the maximum cost is $160 (not including material). You can always add hours to your child’s schedule, but we cannot guarantee space will be available unless you sign up for the time slots in advance.

There is a nonrefundable $15 enrollment fee. If your child is a current TLL student, then no fee is required.

Materials: For an additional cost, The Learning League will purchase a book based on whatever level of math your kiddo will be participating in next year.

Who: Students who will be entering in grades 7th-9th in the fall of 2017.

Please Note: There is flexibility to change your day/and hour increment within the week if space is available. However, all time must be completed during the duration of the course. We will not make up any missed time.

Early Literacy Summer Camp- Get Ready Courses

Who: Students  in first grade entering grade 2
When: Monday - Thursday, Week of June 19th and July 17th
Time: 12:30pm-  2:30 pm Get ready for Grade 2
Materials: No materials needed, but I am suggesting registering at the local library for a library card.

Meet the instructor!

My name is Sandra Arguello and I have been an educator for twenty years. The past five years I have been managing The Learning League which I founded in 2012. In addition to teaching grades 3rd- 7th in an international schooI in Quito, Ecuador and 3rd grade in the Chicago Public Schools, I taught first grade for four years in District 97 for four years.  I am passionate about teaching kids how to read and an avid reader myself.  There is no better gift than teaching someone how to read and to enjoy the splendor of the world it opens up for each and every one of us.

Description of class: Reading/Early Literacy Skills

  • Students will receive a balanced literacy class based off Fountas and Pinnell leveled learning intervention.  

  • The class will be comprised of all five components of reading which include:  phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  

  • The children will be reading  books at his/her reading level, as well as writing in their own journal.  

  • I will have lively and wonderful literature for the children to enjoy.  Your child will feel confident with his/her reading skills and be prepared for the next school year with no summer slide!  

  • Not sure of your child’s reading level? Ask your child’s teacher.

  • Setting nightly reading time and signing a reading log will be required.
    I will provide a reading log for the entire summer to chart progress and keep consistent even after the class ends.

Prevent the “Summer Slide” and have your child be prepared for the start of a new grade level!

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