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Pricing for Fall

TLL 1:1 Tutoring Sessions

1:1 Sessions are available after school Monday-Friday. Depending on your tutors availability, there are also weekend session times!

Take advantage of early sign up! Sign up before October 16th!

October enrollment: (7 weeks left until Holiday break) Sessions will begin November 4th for new families.

New (not signed up in August) Families:

7 sessions= $250 (including late enrollment fee)

10 sessions= $325

14 sessions= $425

Our flexible scheduling let’s you choose the days/times your child has available. You can spread the sessions out, come once or twice a week and make learning a part of the summer routine, OR you can pack in the learning in one or two weeks!

If your child would like an accompanying homework workbook, additional cost will apply.

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Recommendations for planning your child's learning course

In order to determine the best plan of action for your child, please schedule a meeting with Sandra Arguello.

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2019-20 Schedule

Days and Times

With our new format their are no specific days and times you must schedule a session. Choose a time and date that works for bother parties!

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  The Learning League will be closed Fall Term 2020

We are excited to introduce a new format of The Learning League. For several years we have served the community via our central location on Oak Park Ave, but we are changing our model to be more flexible and geared towards peer tutoring.

 What is Peer Tutoring?

Our fantastic tutors will be responsible for teaching based on what the student needs; homework, extra work from school or working on any other supplemental material.  We will be pairing students with a tutor that will provide necessary support for the students. In order to maintain the integrity that The Learning League always had, students will be paired with a consistent tutor to form meaningful relationships so that they tutor can understand the student's academic needs.

 How will this format be more flexible?

We will no longer have a central location. Tutors and student families will decide on a public venue that is convenient for all parties. Without a central location, hours for sessions can be more flexible without having to stick to the center's hours. This flexibility allow families to schedule sessions later in the evening and even on weekends!

How will communication work?

Tutors will be in direct contact with the student families. Tutors will reach out to you with their contact information, availability, and any other details. Clients will be in charge of communicating scheduling changes with their child's tutor after setting up the initial schedule with Sandra. The tutors at The Learning League are highly professional and understand the importance of consistent communication to express student progress and other details. We are researching software applications that will make this process seamless for both families and tutors, but until then you will be in direct contact with your tutor.


The cost of each session will drop significantly due to not having a center. See sidebar for cost specific details.

How do I enroll my child?

The Learning League will only take current  families who sign up for sessions before August 15th. Our next enrollment period with mid-October.  We will start excepting new clients at the beginning of October. It is important to contact The Learning League, if interested in enrolling your child, during the first half of October.  Sessions for October enrollment will begin in November. (Please see Calendar Tab)