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And Now, a Word from: The Learning League

“The Learning League is a lot of fun. We do some really cool work. Rachel is really patient with me.

Edward helps me a lot with my math facts. He's very funny.” -Louise, 7

“I've learned so much since I've started. Rosie has taught me a lot of new words. She's so sweet.
-Grace, 9

“Edward is smart, nice and helpful. He is patient and helps me when I have questions with logic problems and analogies. I look forward to seeing Edward every week!”-William, age 7

“Julia helps me out. She understands me and what I need.”-Varsha, age 9

“Edward is nice and he helps me learn. My goal was to get a better MAP score, and I did!”
-Ayush, age 10

“Edward helps me by giving me smaller problems to figure out first. Then I can figure out the main one by myself. And he's funny.”
-Lucas, age 9

“Andi is awesome, fun, hard-working and helpful. I think I've improved on my reading, but my math skills mostly. I like it when we do our math packet and we get to color with colored pencils and crayons to help me think. When we do reading, she has really helped me. When there's a word that I get stuck on, she helps me sound out the word. In the past it wasn't easy me, but Andi has helped me with my math and reading and now I am better at both of those things.”-Vivian, 9 yrs

“Julia is very sweet. She helps me with the schoolwork I need to work on. Julia helps me understand what I'm learning.”-Grace, age 10

“I like to work on logic problems with Kiley. It makes me feel better with logic.”-Talia, age 8

“Kori encourages me to to do better on my reading. She is very nice and helpful and funny too!”
-Maddie, age 10

“Going to the The Learning League is fun. All the tutors are great. I learn a lot when I am there, like math, reading, and spelling. I am getting smarter.”-Charles, 2nd Grade

“Julia is a great educator and good friend!”-Lyla, 4th grade

“Rachael-she is a great friend. She helps me feel confident in myself. I really see the difference in my school work. She says, 'I know you can do it!”
-Macy, grade 3

“I really enjoy The Learning League. It helps me with math and logic problems. I likeMath
more now. I can’t wait to work with Jared every Wednesday.”
Dusty, grade 3

Community Reviews  

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We are pleased to have connected with so many families in Oak Park. We invite you to read what your community members, big and small, have shared about their experiences with The Learning League.

Testimonials for Sandra’s Work

“Sandra has a wonderful talent for working with kids who need something different than the regular classroom routine. She worked tirelessly to create systems to help my son engage with the class and learn the material. I would highly recommend her to anyone whose children are non-traditional learners.”
-Michele, Mom of 2, Oak Park

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“Ms. Arguello has worked with two of my children, as a first-grade teacher at Mann Elementary to my son, and as a private tutor to my entering-4th grade daughter. I continue to be impressed with Ms. Arguello's ability to not just uncover each child's individual academic strengths and areas for improvement, but to address those concerns very specifically: tailoring her teaching style, motivation and even physical interaction with the individual to build independence, confidence, and success. For our family, the most important job of a teacher is fostering a love of learning, and a desire to learn more. We see this in our children thanks to her dedication.” - Carrie, Mom of 4, Oak Park

“As a parent of one of Ms. Arguello's first grade students and a frequent parent in her classroom, it has been a pleasure to watch her work. I have spoken to parents (an educated and critical group) about Ms. Arguello's teaching. They universally love her, notable in itself, but what strikes me is this: every one of them says she understands their particular child, the eccentricities, the strengths and weaknesses of their child. These children are all over the map in terms of behavior and ability, and she is able to reach every one of them. I couldn't have been happier with Ms. Arguello; she is a gift to any student, parent or school looking for quality.” - Sue, Oak Park mom

“My children loved being tutored by Ms. Arguello and looked forward to it every time! I never once had to push them to get ready to go to the tutoring sessions since they enjoyed working with her so much. Along the way they really progressed through their lessons and benefited from her skillful approach in working with children.” - Margaret, Mann School mother of two


"Our son started with Learning League less than 6 weeks ago.  He was coming off of a trimester in which he had received a D or U on every single math quiz or test.  On his first quiz of this trimester, he got a C (72), which was an encouraging sign of progress.  Yesterday, he took his second quiz of the trimester.  When I asked him about it last night, he told me that the quiz was hard, but that he really thought he had done well.  He said that he was very comfortable with the material because he and Sean had started working on it even earlier than the rest of his class.  I checked PowerSchool this morning, and learned that he got a B+ (88) on the quiz.  If he does corrections, he’ll be able to boost that up to an A.  While B+’s are routine for some kids, t’s a remarkable improvement for our son.  It will be an incredible confidence booster for him.  So, a big thank you to you for running a really great program, and to Sean for his truly excellent work with our son.  Please pass along to Sean how grateful we are to him for his help."
- Julian Middle School Dad

“I'm very pleased with the work my girls have been doing at The Learning League. The relationships they have developed with their tutors have been an added bonus to all the learning. I think it's vitally important to have strong role models for your kids: these teenagers have had an impact on my children's lives, outside of test scores and reading comprehension. I love, too, how the hours are tailored to the needs of my particular kids. They work on weaknesses, but can also finish a homework assignment that isn't going well at home! I'm so grateful for the experience.”

-Sue Anzaldi, mom of two daughters both at The Learning League

“I love the relationship my son is building with the tutors. He wants to do well when he is there and looks up to them. They are great role models for him and someone he can aspire to. He loves going there and spending an entire hour "working" with the tutor without complaints. That is "AMAZING!"

He is learning critical thinking/problem solving skills and getting confident in his work. He is more focused at school and has improved double digits on his test scores. The one-on-one sessions really produce results at his own pace, while challenging him. This is something I know he does not get at school.

It's important to teach him the love of learning, while being challenged and The Learning League is giving him the confidence and tools to do so.” - Jenny, Parent

“I can pretty much say that The Learning League saved my middle school child. The transition from grammar school to middle school was a challenge for my daughter. We did everything we could to help her pass 6th grade, i.e. rewards/punishments, coaching, poking and prodding. In 7th grade we decided to seek help. The Learning League has been wonderful for Maddy and for our relationship with her. We realized that she responded better to someone who was not her parent. Andi and Ms. Arguello have been our heroes. Andi was able to relate to Maddy through her own personal experiences in middle school. She validated Madeline. She is firm, as an older sister would be with a younger sibling. She looks online with Maddy and checks on assignments and grades. She always keeps us updated with positive accomplishments and with concerns. Andi and Ms. Arguello have given our daughter her confidence back. She is on a much brighter academic path. Kudos to The Learning League!”
Sandy B., mother of a 7th grader at The Learning League

“I have been very impressed with Julia's level of preparedness, patience and understanding of concepts. Sandra Arguello is extremely organized, knowledgeable on current educational standards and has wonderful students to serve as strong role models. We have been very pleased with our experience and have recommended the program to other parents. Sandra is always willing to tweak our tutoring curriculum to match my daughter's needs and offer additional support as needed.”
- Amy Werthmann, mom of two daughters

“My kids are so happy with their tutors (at The Learning League) and are learning so much! The tutors really know how to make learning fun, but are still serious about pushing the kids to their potential. Sandra is totally on top of being sure the kids are getting what they need!” - Joy, mom of 2

“Sandra is very knowledgeable about education, which is helpful in planning Talia's goals. Her flexibility with scheduling makes it easier for us to find the time for tutoring despite our busy schedules. Since starting with the Learning League, homework has become less of a battle and Talia's confidence has increased noticeably.” - Gina, mother of 2

“We are very happy with The Learning League and recommend it without reservation. Sandra makes it a priority to understand my daughter's changing strengths and weaknesses and develops a customized and flexible lesson plans. My daughter worked with Kori on reading for her first semester. We saw significant improvement in decoding, unleashing easier reading (MAP score moved from 43% to 84%). Sandra suggested switching this semester's focus to "fun with math", building on an academic strength to promote confidence and love of learning. My daughter is enjoying working with Rachel on logic and problem solving” - Lori D.

“Callum really looks forward to working with Jared. Jared has helped Callum become an enthusiastic learner. Since Callum has been a part of The Learning League his map scores have increased to a point where his teacher has noted the change. More importantly, he enjoys learning and has become a confident and independent learner.” - Megan D.

“Early on, my son had really liked Math and was good at it but for a variety of reasons he began to lose his interest and confidence. His test scores were very high but grades were just average. We joined TLL for math enrichment and the program has renewed his interest. He is eager to come to each session and it was his choice to continue after the first session. His last report card was all E’s which wasn't the main goal but has been a natural result of renewed confidence.” - Margaret F.

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