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Summer 2020 Tutors

Name: Lindsay Gooch

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest

Year in school: Senior

About Me: Hi! My name is Lindsay and I’m going to be a junior at OPRF this year. I am on the drill team at the high school and absolutely love dancing and performing. During the summer, outside of hanging out with friends, I volunteer at the Department of Veteran Affairs and I will be going on a mission trip to Tennessee this year. As far as school goes, I was pushed to try advanced math and reading at a young age which translated to me now taking almost all honors or AP classes at the high school. I have always loved learning new things and pushing my brain to new capacities and I hope I can help others find that same joy.

Why I am a good learning coach:   I have a brother going into second grade this year and I have been helping him with his homework for the past few years. It is always so rewarding to see a concept finally click in his head and knowing that I was part of helping him get there. I’m someone that my friends turn to when they need help, particularly in math. I pride myself on being able to simplify complex concepts enough that people can understand them and hope to do exactly that as a tutor.

Name: Ian Heinig

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest

Year in school: Graduate

About Me: Hello, my name is Ian!  I actively take piano lessons but also enjoy listening to a variety of different music styles. I play volleyball, and in school I excel in many classes, especially math. I always enjoy a good challenge at school or on the court. I have been a part of a youth group where I have gone on mission trips, led group discussions, and made great friendships. I look forward to working with your child!

Why I am a good learning coach:  I have always enjoyed teaching other people, whether it be my classmates in math class, a group of seventh grade boys, or someone I am babysitting. I have led multiple groups of fifth and seventh graders on field trips and group discussions through my church. In addition to helping younger students, I assist students my age as well during class or with homework. I have a strong GPA and work hard in all of my high school courses. My goal is for the students I tutor to completely understand their material and to teach them using a variety of methods.

Name: Zaideh McDermott

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest
Year in school: Senior 

About Me: Hello! My name is Zaideh. I am going into my junior year of high school. I have lived in Oak Park my whole life, and I've always enjoyed school and learning new things. I especially like Math, French and English, but I enjoy all subjects. I really love the French language and I hope to travel to France someday. I am very organized with my school work, and am a very hard worker.  Outside of School I like spending my time with friends and family and listening to music. I absolutely love traveling and there are so many places that I want to visit someday!     

Why I am a good learning coach: I have experience with younger kids, I have a sister in 6th grade and younger cousins. I have always been interested in education and becoming a teacher. I love working with kids and helping others learn new things. I challenge myself in school and I hope to help kids who are struggling or kids who are hoping to advance. I have been working at the learning league since the spring, and I am excited to make learning fun and interesting for my students.

Name: Helena Loranz

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest    
Year in school: Graduate

Availability: Available Monday, Wednesday and flexible weekends

About Me:  I consider myself to be a pretty creative person.  My favorite class is photography and I spend a lot of time writing.  I like poetry and am a part of spoken word at school. I also really like math and thinking logically.  I have dreams of being an architect because it combines both of those interests. I love traveling and last summer I was accepted to study abroad for a month in France.  That was definitely one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Why I am a good learning coach:  I really enjoy being a coach and have tutored many kids in the past.  I love learning and being able to help others feel the same love of learning that I do.  This is especially true when it comes to math and problem solving. I love working out problems and finally understanding them, so to be able to help someone else do the same is very fun and rewarding.

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