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Fall 2019 Tutors

Name: Emma Roskopf

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest

Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available for new students in November

About Me: Hi! I’m Emma. My hobbies include reading, learning, baking, cooking, gardening and spending time with friends. My favorite types of books are fantasy and science fiction, because I love the creativity and the plot twists. In school, I am part of the Ultimate Frisbee team, the Marching Band, and the Tau Gamma service club. My favorite classes are math, science and Chinese. These are my favorite classes because I find them fascinating and challenging.
Why I am a good learning coach:  I really enjoy math and reading, and hope to share that passion for learning with others! When I was younger, my older sister would always help me with homework whenever I would get stuck. I always found it incredible how fast she could teach me a concept because she could just focus on me individually and explain it in an easier way. I strive to provide that for other children, because for me, understanding a difficult concept is one of the most rewarding experiences and always makes me want to learn more.

Name: Claire Marko

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest

Year in school: Senior

Availability: Tuesday/ Thursday and Sunday

About Me: Hi! I am a senior at OPRF and this will be my third year tutoring at The Learning League. I enjoy playing piano, drawing and painting, and spending time with friends and family. I like to play badminton and tennis for fun, and I love to travel. I am very interested in history and Spanish, but I also really enjoy math and science. I am looking forward to this year at TLL!

Why I am a good learning coach: I really enjoy working with kids, and I have a lot of experience with babysitting. I like to apply what I have learned in school by thinking of creative ways to explain the the concepts. I feel that it is very fulfilling to help others learn, as it makes it feel like the work I put into learning in school is really worth while. I am currently in all honors classes, including Pre-Calculus, and AP American History.

Name: Lindsay Gooch

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest

Year in school: Junior

Availability: Available for new students in March

About Me: Hi! My name is Lindsay and I’m going to be a junior at OPRF this year. I am on the drill team at the high school and absolutely love dancing and performing. During the summer, outside of hanging out with friends, I volunteer at the Department of Veteran Affairs and I will be going on a mission trip to Tennessee this year. As far as school goes, I was pushed to try advanced math and reading at a young age which translated to me now taking almost all honors or AP classes at the high school. I have always loved learning new things and pushing my brain to new capacities and I hope I can help others find that same joy.

Why I am a good learning coach:   I have a brother going into second grade this year and I have been helping him with his homework for the past few years. It is always so rewarding to see a concept finally click in his head and knowing that I was part of helping him get there. I’m someone that my friends turn to when they need help, particularly in math. I pride myself on being able to simplify complex concepts enough that people can understand them and hope to do exactly that as a tutor.

Name: Ian Heinig

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest

Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available Monday - Thursday

About Me: Hello, my name is Ian!  I actively take piano lessons but also enjoy listening to a variety of different music styles. I play volleyball, and in school I excel in many classes, especially math. I always enjoy a good challenge at school or on the court. I have been a part of a youth group where I have gone on mission trips, led group discussions, and made great friendships. I look forward to working with your child!

Why I am a good learning coach:  I have always enjoyed teaching other people, whether it be my classmates in math class, a group of seventh grade boys, or someone I am babysitting. I have led multiple groups of fifth and seventh graders on field trips and group discussions through my church. In addition to helping younger students, I assist students my age as well during class or with homework. I have a strong GPA and work hard in all of my high school courses. My goal is for the students I tutor to completely understand their material and to teach them using a variety of methods.

Name: Zaideh McDermott

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest
Year in school: Junior

Availability: Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, flexible weekends

About Me: Hello! My name is Zaideh. I am going into my junior year of high school. I have lived in Oak Park my whole life, and I've always enjoyed school and learning new things. I especially like Math, French and English, but I enjoy all subjects. I really love the French language and I hope to travel to France someday. I am very organized with my school work, and am a very hard worker.  Outside of School I like spending my time with friends and family and listening to music. I absolutely love traveling and there are so many places that I want to visit someday!     

Why I am a good learning coach: I have experience with younger kids, I have a sister in 6th grade and younger cousins. I have always been interested in education and becoming a teacher. I love working with kids and helping others learn new things. I challenge myself in school and I hope to help kids who are struggling or kids who are hoping to advance. I have been working at the learning league since the spring, and I am excited to make learning fun and interesting for my students.

Name: Helena Loranz

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest    
Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available Monday, Wednesday and flexible weekends

About Me:  I consider myself to be a pretty creative person.  My favorite class is photography and I spend a lot of time writing.  I like poetry and am a part of spoken word at school. I also really like math and thinking logically.  I have dreams of being an architect because it combines both of those interests. I love traveling and last summer I was accepted to study abroad for a month in France.  That was definitely one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Why I am a good learning coach:  I really enjoy being a coach and have tutored many kids in the past.  I love learning and being able to help others feel the same love of learning that I do.  This is especially true when it comes to math and problem solving. I love working out problems and finally understanding them, so to be able to help someone else do the same is very fun and rewarding.

Name: Cecilia Crumlish         

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest
Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  and flexible weekends

About Me:  Ciao! My name is Cecelia. And before you ask I am not named after the Simon and Garfunkel song. I am a student at OPRF. I play soccer with Chicago Edge, and am the captain of my team. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, skiing and spending time with my family. I also participate in wheel-throwing club and art club at school. Whether it is painting to let off steam, doing portraits or working on my AP concentration I always make time to be creative. In school, my favorite classes are science and Italian. In the future, I plan on pursuing a double degree in illustration and environmental science.

Why I am a good learning coach: I spend my summers working with kids, either babysitting or volunteering with Wonderworks Children’s Museum. I am very comfortable around children, and am extremely excited to get to know who I’m working with. I approach tutoring with the ideology that everybody learns differently and that understanding the person I am tutoring will prove to be the most effective way to help them. I enjoy the rush I get from solving problems and understanding things and that excitement is only amplified when I get to help someone else do it.

Name: Ruby Mead

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest
Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available Monday and Tuesday

About Me: Hello! My name is Ruby and I’m a student at OPRF, where I’m going to be taking AP classes in addition to honors courses this fall, and I love to learn! My favorite subjects in school are English and History, however I enjoy Math and Art as well! I’m a dancer at The Academy of Movement and Music and take part in smaller clubs in school such as the school’s service club, where I get the opportunity to volunteer my time towards those who need it. I love to write and draw, and those hobbies in addition to reading and hanging out with my friends take up my free time! I’m super excited about my upcoming year in high school and the challenges that come with it!

Why I am a good learning coach: I’ve always enjoyed helping others with something they might not understand, and I believe that everyone benefits from the experience of helping others learn. I’ve dealt with the hard and frustrating times that elementary and middle school provide, and have learned so many tips on how to navigate them. Teaching younger kids ways to eliminate that stress and increase their knowledge is such a privilege to be able to do. Additionally, I love interacting with kids and learning about each one individually, so that I can attempt to adhere to their needs and their learning style.

Name: Nicholas Gupta

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest High School 

Year in school: Senior

Availability: Tuesday and Thursday, flexible weekends

About Me: Hello, I am Nick Gupta. I’m currently a senior at OPRF and I’ve been on the Dean’s List all 3 completed years. I’ve also been following the most advanced tracks in each core subject category except history; I’ve taken AP Government and am taking Criminal and Civil Law now in that category. My favorite activities outside of school are Ultimate Frisbee (offered at OPRF and Julian), video games, and eating interesting foods/traveling. I hope to graduate on to a good college for schooling next year.

Why I am a good learning coach: I’ve had a fair amount of experience tutoring even before joining the Learning League including a year of tutoring 6th grading in the PEER tutoring program at Percy Julian Middle and I have now added more experience since joining the Learning League back in February. To supplement my experience tutoring, I also have a strong foundation in all subjects due to my extensive variety of classes and years of writing honed by hard classes. I believe that these factors will be very helpful in supplementing my students’ classes in expanding their knowledge and I certainly hope that my students will impart their knowledge unto me.

Name: Monica  Bradford

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest   
Year in school: Senior

About Me: Hi! My name is Monica. I really enjoy learning new things, and my favorite subject is math. I am a very active member of the ultimate frisbee team, the track team, choir, and HYPE, a club focused on educating my fellow OPRF students on the benefits of living a drug and alcohol free life. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, running, and sewing.

Why I am a good learning coach: I have been helping my friends and siblings with their homework for a very long time, and I have always really enjoyed it. I love helping others solve problems they have been struggling with. In addition, I love interacting with kids. I have many younger cousins who I would give anything to spend time with. I strive to be a role model and make a difference in as many people’s lives as I can. I understand that everyone has a different way of learning, and I want to help discover the best method for each individual student so that their school experience can be enjoyable.

Name: John Flanagan

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest  
Year in school: Junior

Availability: Monday- Wednesday, flexible weekends

About Me: My name is John Flanagan and I am a junior at OPRF this year. I am the youngest of three, and I live in River Forest. I play basketball, and I am a big sports fan. My favorite subject in school is math, specifically algebra, and I love science. My dream is to be an engineer and work for NASA. At school, I run a club called Dudes Makin’ a Difference ; it is a service club that hosts events every couple weeks to raise money for Sarah’s Inn. I am also part of the club Best Buddies. I love hanging out with friends and spending time with my older brother, and I love my job, working at The Learning League!

Why I am a good learning coach: I believe I am a good learning coach because I always to my very best to help my students. There’s no better feeling than explaining a concept and knowing your student fully understands it. I love teaching, and I know when I was younger, sometimes I could have used a tutor. I always do my very best to make sure my student is understanding the material and having fun with it.

Name: Elly Freeland

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest    
Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available in March

About Me: Hi! I'm Elly! I am a member of the OPRF diving and synchronized swimming teams. I am also a member of our Mock Trial team I love learning new things especially languages! I have completed all levels of French at OPRF already. I also love science, English and, Math. I am taking Pre-Calculus, AP English, AP Gov, and AP physics this year. I have also completed AP US History. I especially prepared to tutor those subjects! I want to study environmental science and International policy in college.

Why I am a good learning coach:

I have been helping my friends with their math and science homework since freshman year. So I know where most of the pitfalls are especially in early high school. I have a lot of experience explaining math and science topics and I love learning and teaching those subjects! Also, I was in a Montessori school from 4th grade to high school. So I strongly believe in child-led learning. I always strive to let the child lead and just guide them in the right direction.

Name: Emily Kerstetter

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest    
Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available in November

About Me:   Hello! My name is Emily. I am currently a senior at OPRF. I like to spend my time playing flute, drawing, and reading when I can. At OPRF, I’m a flute section leader in marching band and part of the Science Olympiad team. I’m very passionate about music, but I plan on studying engineering/architecture in college. My favorite subject is math because of the amount of logic involved in it.

Why I am a good learning coach: As the oldest cousin in my family, I’ve always enjoyed spending time with kids. I love editing my friends’ essays and helping them with other homework, which has led to comments that I’d be a good teacher. I love the feeling of helping people understand concepts and seeing them gain confidence. As a section leader in marching band, I also have experience coming up with (hopefully fun) varying methods to teach new concepts to people, which I hope to apply as a tutor!

Name: Kai Yoko                   

School Attending: Oak Park River Forest
Year in school: Senior

Availability: Available in November

About Me: My name is Kai Yokoo and I am currently attending Oak Park and River Forest High School as a senior. I am a section leader for the OPRF marching band, vice president of Chemistry club, and a part of Science Olympiad. I also mentor robotics along with other STEM disciplines to students at Julian Middle School and mentor a student with my instrument through P!NG Mentoring at OPRF. My favorite subjects are science and math, and I hope to pursue Materials Science Engineering when I go to college!

Why I am a good learning coach: I am currently taking a couple AP's that include math and science, which allows me to have a well-rounded understanding of certain fields. I have much experience mentoring students, and I value really understanding why we are learning certain things. I also value making subjects fun for the students! It is incredibly motivating and exciting when a student is able to solve something they couldn't do before, which is the best part of mentoring for me!


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